Cleaning Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Maintaining clean entryways, reception areas, hallways, guestrooms, gyms, restaurants and pool areas is very important to hoteliers and facility managers. That is why they trust Windsor Kärcher Group to help maintain their professional appearance with housekeeping cleaning equipment.

Hotel exterior

Creating welcoming spaces for hotels and resorts

From the moment a guest pulls into your parking lot to the time they check out, your customers expect impeccable cleanliness at every corner. Hotel managers must use their resources effectively to quickly and efficiently clean rooms, hallways, entrances, pool areas, fitness rooms, restaurants and dining areas and with minimal interruption to their patrons. That is why so many have chosen Windsor Kärcher Group’s professional lineup of housekeeping cleaning equipment to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of their facilities.

Windsor Kärcher Group understands the needs of hotel cleaning crews and offers many solutions to increase productivity. From our high-powered professional vacuums to our quiet and very effective sweepers, you can trust our professional housekeeping cleaning equipment to help you keep areas clean while providing you with a solid return on your cleaning investment.

Reception area of hotel
Keep guest rooms looking clean with Windsor equipment

Providing clean rooms for your guests

Your guests require clean sleeping quarters, so we make it easy for your hotel cleaning crews with our complete lineup of commercial cleaning equipment.

Clean stairs easily with Windsor backpack vacuums

Managing staircases with ease

Our high-quality backpack vacuums allow staff to quickly clean in areas where standard upright vacuums may struggle.

Use Windsor vacuums to quickly clean hallways

Clean long hallways quickly and quietly

Our commercial sweepers allow cleaning staff to clean long hallway expanses with minimal disturbance to your guests.

Make your exterior shine with Windsor cleaning equipment

Inviting entryways are a must

Hotel and resort facility managers know that first impressions are important. That's why so many rely on us to keep their entrances looking professional.

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