Cleaning Solutions for Government Facilities

From local post offices to embassies throughout the world, Windsor Kärcher Group makes it easy to maintain cleanliness at government facilities with carpet, tile, cement, and wood floor cleaning machines.

Government building exterior

Cleaning government facilities made easier

Maintaining a high standard of appearance and cleanliness is important for government facilities. Whether you are cleaning floors inside a post office, park facility, embassy, military base, VA hospital, or any other local, state or federally run facility, Windsor Kärcher Group offers a full line of professional carpet, tile, cement, and wood floor cleaning machines to help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Environmental concerns are also a consideration by Windsor Kärcher Group. Through decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, our tile, cement and wood floor cleaning machines continues to address indoor air quality, water consumption, and lower chemical usage. Our patented CRI and LEED approved products offer innovative cleaning solutions that promote high productivity, lower budget impact, and operator safety while meeting your needs.

Best of all, Windsor Kärcher Group makes buying easier and faster through pre-negotiated GSA-contract pricing on its lineup of professional floor cleaning equipment.

Keep hallways clean in goverment buildings
Clean stairs with ease with Windsor vacuums

Stair cleaning made easy

Our high-quality vacuums allow cleaning staff to quickly and easily maintain the beauty of your building interiors.

Reduce cleaning time with Windsor scrubbers and sweepers

Efficient cleaning time

Walk-behind and ride-on scrubbers and sweepers help to reduce hours of cleaning into just minutes of efficiency.

Tackle all types of floors with Windsor's cleaning equipment

Top-quality cleaning equipment

Carpet, tiles, and even cement. Windsor Kärcher Group's floor care equipment can clean them all.

Easily clean high-traffic areas with Windsor cleaning equipment

Clean up is quick

Look to Windsor Kärcher Group's professional floor cleaning equipment to help clean your most heavily trafficked areas.

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