Windsor Karcher Group Armada cleaning University of Utah

Below is a testimonial from Todd Stoneking, Supervisor, University of Utah Campus Support Services.

We found the Armada to be around 25% faster when if came to extracting carpets. Perhaps even a bit faster in big open areas, like halls.  Mostly we use them for extraction, although they will do encapsulation, we use the ICapsol units for that. We usually pre-spray the carpets with a hand pump sprayer, then we add the neutral rinse to the Armada and spray it down and pick it up. We really like these units, I just purchased three more of them for new buildings we just opened. I expect we will continue to purchase this model so they are the same across campus. Maintenance is much easier if they are all the same. I have 17 Armadas currently.

Advantages we saw with this unit



Drive it down halls, and it would clean them. This gave us the ability to do it more often in heavy use areas. In offices it also allows us to drive up to and under desks and then, turn the head around and pull out from under the desk. Because you are not soaking the carpet as much as you do with other units, we have also been seeing faster drying times.




The ease of removing and cleaning the vacuum shoe is a major advantage. The Brushes and collection tray are also easy to clean. Clean up of this unit is a lot easier than other similar units, and it is a lot easier to run. Turn the selector knob to the correct setting and go. The crews that have them love them, and don’t want to share. In fact to the point that some of our crew leads do not let the crews use the units, they do the work themselves.