Commercial Vacuums

Windsor Kärcher Group's industry-leading commercial vacuums have a proven reputation of reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance. That is why cleaning professionals in hotels, casinos, schools, building service contractors and healthcare facilities trust our innovative cleaning solutions. Our professional grade commercial vacuum cleaners consistently receive high ratings and reviews from industry experts and end-users, providing unmatched longevity and an unmatched return on investment.

Kärcher  Upright


Windsor Kärcher Group has been the most respected name in upright vacuums for decades. Today, we offer a wide assortment of upright commercial vacs to meet the challenging needs of facility cleaning professionals.

Kärcher  Stand-On


Stand-on vacuuming as well as all stand-on cleaning technology was invented by Windsor Kärcher Group. Trust our name for innovation and performance in productive stand-on vacuums.

Kärcher  Wet/Dry


Wet/dry vacs are the go-to answer for restoration jobs as well as vacuuming needs when the floor might be wet. Our complete lineup offers all of the features you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Kärcher  Canister


Canister vacs allow the operator to safely tow the vacuum from the hose and nozzle with less strain on the user's hands. This results in improved ergonomics and productivity gains for equipment operators.

Kärcher  Backpack


Backpack vacuums are the ultimate get-up-and-go cleaning tools that allow users to quickly clean in large areas. With the operator more freely able to walk around, they can easily address many cleaning areas.