Commercial Floor Scrubbers

There are many reasons to choose a quality Windsor Kärcher Group floor scrubber for your total floor maintenance program. Hard floor cleaning equipment can increase productivity, which effectively lowers labor costs; worker safety, which reduces slip/fall hazards; protecting your floor surfaces and promoting a cleaner, greener work environment. Windsor Kärcher Group offers a wide selection of automatic floor scrubbers to meet all your cleaning needs including the industry's only stand-on category of scrubbers. Whether you need to clean floors in a small lobby or a large warehouse, we have the right scrubbers and hard floor cleaning equipment to fit your needs.

Kärcher  Compact


Compact scrubbers are designed to increase worker productivity and provide better maneuverability in tight, congested areas. With a complete line of agile scrubbers, we make it easy to clean in compact spaces.

Kärcher  Walk-Behind


Windsor Kärcher Group’s walk-behind scrubbers are the go-to option for many professional cleaners for a reason: they offer practicality, convenience and productivity that is hard to beat.

Kärcher  Stand-On


Stand-on scrubbers increase productivity by fifty-percent when compared to walk-behind machines. No matter what your cleaning need is, we have a stand-on scrubber that can fit your job.

Kärcher  Ride-On


Combining productivity, convenience and comfort, Windsor Kärcher Group's ride-on scrubbers are a great solution to your large area cleaning needs. Cover more area quickly with our top-of-the-line machines.