Pivot 17833240 https://www.kaercher.com/en/products/floor-machines/pivot-17833240.html Versatility is the key advantage to this hybrid machine.


Versatility is the key advantage to this hybrid machine.

Order number: 1.783-324.0
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The Pivot bridges the gap between a floor machine and a walk-behind scrubber making it more versatile than other machines in this price range. The roller brushes allow it to deep clean difficult surfaces such as tile and grout or uneven floors. • Floor machine using cylindrical brushes for aggressive cleaning on porous or uneven floors • Superior scrubbing performance with two counter-rotating brushes and 60 lbs of down pressure delivering 4-6 times the contact pressure of a disc unit • Can operate like a traditional swing machine for productivity in open areas or like a walk-behind for precise cleaning along walls and in corners • Can be used to maintain or deep clean a wide variety of floors like grouted tile, rubber disc and natural stone • Compact and portable • Designed for maintenance and deep cleaning in confined area and on a number of different tiled surfaces • Simple to operate and maintain


Technical data

Working width (in) 16
Cleaning solution capacity (l) 10
Operating noise level-std. mode (dB(A)) 73
Length of cord (ft) 1
Brush contact pressure (PSI) 60 / 60
Brush speed (rpm) 600 / 600
Power rating brush (A) 9
Amps (W) 1100
Practical working capacity 3200
Weight (lbs) 62
Dimensions (L x W x H) (in) 20 x 18 x 47