Windsor Kärcher Group's Line of Commercial Burnishers and Floor Machines


Taz with
Orb Technology

All-Surface Machine


-Speed & Dual-Speed
Commercial Floor Machine

Lightning 1500
Commercial Burnisher 


Lightning 2000
Commercial Burnisher 


Lightning BDP 50/2000 W
Commercial Battery-Powered
Burnisher with Dust Control


Lightning Propane Burnisher
Commercial Propane-
Powered Burnisher

Chariot 2 iGloss 20
Commercial Burnisher

 radiant with orb technology
Radiant with
Orb Technology

All-Surface Machine


A Full Line of Burnishers and Floor Machines for All of Your Needs

Strip, Scrub and Burnish!
Kärcher Group’s line of floor machines & burnishers come in a wide variety of sizes, motors and models for all different types of hard floor applications. 13” to 20” cleaning paths and 1.5 and 1.74 hp motors with both single and dual speeds provide power and versatility for buffing and polishing. Our rugged, versatile and easily adjustable series of floor machines and burnishers provide long life and superior performance.

Windsor Kärcher Group is the Right Choice for Burnishers and Floor Machines

Windsor Kärcher Group’s burnishers are offered in cord-electric, propane, and battery-powered models. Windsor Kärcher Group also offers the only stand-on burnisher—the Chariot 2 iGloss 20 Our Lightning burnishers are excellent floor polishing machines for any surface!


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