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Cadet 7

Commercial Carpet Extractor

  • Easy-to-use controls reduce operator fatigue.
  • No-hose design makes it simple to fill and empty.
  • Floating vacuum shoe follows the contour of the carpet for superior recovery.
  • Quick-connect ports for fast and easy accessory attachment.

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French Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—French Sell Sheet
German Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—German Sell Sheet
German Service Manual & Parts List
Cadet 7—240v—German Service Manual & Parts List
Italian Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—Italian Sell Sheet
Parts List
Cadet 7—120v—Parts List—from Serial No. 1
Parts List
Cadet 7—120v—Parts List—prior to Serial No.10080220004894
Parts List
Cadet 7—240v—Parts List—from Serial No.1
Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—Sell Sheet
Service Manual
Cadet 7—120v—Service Manual—from Serial No.1
Service Manual
Cadet 7—120v—Service Manual—prior to Serial No.10080220004894
Service Manual
Cadet 7—240v—Service Manual—from Serial No.1
Service Manual & Parts List
Cadet 7—240v—Service Manual & Parts List—prior to Serial No.10080230000755
Spanish Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—Spanish Sell Sheet

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