Accessories for Windsor Kärcher Group Commercial Cleaning Equipment

AquaFoil Wand
Extraction Wand


Deluxe Professional Wand
12 Inch Spray
Extraction Wand


Double Dry Hand Tool
Carpet and Upholstery
Spotting Wand


Extraction Spray
Power Sprayer Tool 

Fastraction Spray Wand
Power Sprayer Tool 



Hand Tool
Extraction Tool


Pro Spray
Electric Power Sprayer 


Soft Vac Cover
Vacuum Cover


Spotting Wand
Carpet Spotting Tool 


Standard Wand
Extraction Wand


14 Inch Flip Tool
Hard Floor
Tool for Extractors


Accessories to help you get every job done quicker
Choose from Windsor Kärcher Group’s full line of accessories to boost your productivity. From the double dry carpet and upholstery hand tool that cleans deeper and dries faster, to the deluxe, standard and spotting wands that can be used with any Windsor Kärcher Group Extractor, we have the right tool for any job.

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