Windsor Kärcher Group's Line of Commercial Sweepers

Radius Mini
Cordless Electric
Commercial Sweeper


Radius Manual
Commercial Sweeper


Radius 280 Deluxe
Commercial Sweeper with
Active Dust Control


Radius 300

Self-Propelled Battery-
Powered Commercial
Sweeper with Vacuum
Dust Control

Radius 360T
Ride-On Commercial
Sweeper with
Dust Control

Full Line of Best-In-Class Sweepers to Meet Your Needs
With the emphasis on reducing costs and cleaning green, soil prevention needs to become keystone of your maintenance program. Not only will it help to reduce your maintenance costs, but it will help improve your indoor air quality and reduce water and chemical usage.

Why is sweeping so important?

The reasons to sweep vary from facility to facility, but here are a few of the key reasons that sweepers are a vital part of your maintenance program:

·        Safety
·        Product contamination
·        Appearance
·        Economic benefit
Windsor Kärcher Group conducted a case on the on the impact of sweeping on soil prevention—with simply astounding results! Click here to download our Sweeper Guide that shows the results of our study.
Windsor Kärcher Group Radius Sweepers are a full line of indoor and outdoor sweepers for hard floor and carpet. Ranging from the Radius Mini cordless electric broom to walk-behind and rider models, there is a Radius Sweeper for every application.

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