Chemical-Free Stripping Rollers

Restore Floors With Increased Productivity And No Chemicals

Windsor Kärcher Group's Chemical-Free Cylindrical Stripping Rollers are a great way to meet environmental needs affordably. Our rollers are designed for use in select versions of our powerful scrubbers. Look no further if you want to increase your productivity while going chemical-free. These pad will strip up to 5000 square feet and remove up to one coat per pass. The design of our rollers reduces pad loading which increases pad life and protects your floors. These stripping rollers are easy to install thanks to our user friendly design.

Chemical-Free Stripping Roller Features:

  • Chemical-Free Stripping Rollers are available in 16" and 22" for use in the Saber Blade 16 and Chariot iScrub 22 SP commercial scrubbers and the Pivot floor machine.
  • Uniform stripping
  • Up to 1 coat removed per pass
  • Up to 5,000 sq ft. coverage per roller set
  • Rotational force reduces pad loading
  • Patent-pending design
  • Easy installation

Chemical-Free Stripping Rollers are compatible with these Windsor Kärcher Group Machines:

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